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St. Philip, Deacon and Evangelist, not to be confused with St. Philip the Apostle and Disciple of Jesus, is an important figure in the early Christian Church. He is first mentioned in Acts 6, where he is selected by the Apostles as one of seven men who will supervise the church's ministry to the poor of the Christian community in Jerusalem. These seven are generally considered to be the first deacons of the Church.

When his fellow deacon Stephen was martyred, Philip moved to Samaria to escape the resulting Christian persecutions in Jerusalem. He instructed and baptized many Samaritans, a community considered outcasts by most Jews; thus his dual title of Evangelist. Philip subsequently met and converted an Ethiopian court official, marking the beginning of the Ethiopian Christian Church (Acts 8).

The final mention of Philip is in Acts 21:8-9, where Paul and a company of apostles stay with Philip in Caesarea. By this time, Philip had four daughters, all with prophetic power.

The feast day of St. Philip, Deacon and Evangelist, is celebrated on October 11.

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